The management of the college rest with a Governing Body, headed by the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur as Ex-Officio Chairperson and Addl. Deputy Commissioner (Hq), Dimapur as Ex-Officio Vice Chairperson. It is composed of 11 members and is re-constituted after every 5 years without changing the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. However, the tenure of University Representative and Teaching and Non-Teaching Representatives are for 3 (three) years.  At present, the Governing Body consist of the following members:

1.      Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur District                         Ex-Officio Chairperson

2.      Addl. Deputy Commissioner (Hq), Dimapur                   Ex-Officio V. Chairperson

3.      Director, Higher Education, Govt. of Nagaland                       Ex-Officio Member

4.      Representative of Nagaland University                                    Ex-Officio Member

5.      Shri. Atovi Sumi, Ex-MLA, Dimapur                                      Member

6.      Shri. Kuhoi Zhimo, Ex-DMC Member & Social Worker        Member

7.    President, Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry         Ex-Officio Member

8.      Principal of the College                                                           Member Secretary

9.      Vice Principal of the College                                                  Ex-Officio Member

10.  One Teachers’ Representative                                                 Ex-Officio Member

11.  One Non-Teaching Staff Representative                                 Ex-Officio Member

 The Governing Body usually meets twice in a year and deliberate and decide on administrative and academic matters including the approval of annual budget and audited financial statements. It also meets in emergent situations. After every 3 years the faculty members and non-teaching staff elect their representatives to the Governing Body, who, thereby get equal opportunity in decision making process of the college. The Principal of the college is the Member Secretary to the Governing Body and administrative head and is responsible for execution of plans and policies of the management.